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    There are major ongoing issues at the US Treasury. The following data is provided by with data sets compiled by Quandl. The massive amounts of OUTLAYS reported by the US TREASURY cannot be understated. One only needs to compare the TOO BIG TO FAIL CRASH of 2008 to get a side by side comparison of the kind of collapse we are experiencing. The talking heads will try to convince you this money is going to CORPORATE STIMULUS and bio-countermeasures, CDC, NIAID pseudo-science propaganda garbage. Certainly that is true to some extent, but folks, look at the data. It goes back to 1980. The 2008 crash doesn’t even register. Look at the data points starting in APR 2020. They are collapsing the system. Get ready. Endure to the end. Love, compassion, charity, respect. To reproduce this chart go here: select OUTLAYS