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  • I don’t blame the compliance people. They are dutifully performing the ritual given to them by legislators and regulators. Apex predators that force us into DOD acquisition scams, fake wars, fake national e […]

  • peter posted an update 5 months ago

  • peter posted an update 5 months ago

    @gapa520 Welcome to – Global and Interplanetary investment fund.

  • gapa520 posted an update 5 months ago

    Our History
    1. In 2005 spring , start from family workshop
    2. In 2010 , our products are famous in our home market
    3. In 2012 , our luggage sell to foreign
    4. And 2015, we established our own company , and changed our main market to overseas
    5. At 2016 we passed the ISO9001 standarded and then move to the industrial park
    6. Till now We still…[Read more]

  • gapa520 posted an update 5 months ago

    1:100% virgin material +UV, guarantee product quality.
    2:High tension strength, each wire tension can be reach 60N, no break white wrapping.
    3:Wrapping smoothly, no stuck on the machine while working.
    4:Cutting the net neatly, no obstacle falling down when finished wrapping.
    5:Good coverage of the side of the bale.
    6:Bundled and strong,…[Read more]

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