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Bitcoin and Monero custody service and exchange.
Point of Sale solutions for online and real-world crypto payments.
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Blockchain fiduciary service

Bitcoin, Monero, Exchange

Easy FIFO order book trading. Buy and sell limit forms. Immediate swaps for your favorite token.


Custodial Wallet

Read more about custodial wallets and why Clearwater-Trust recommends operating full nodes provided by core contributors.

Keep your investment working through chain upgrades and system forks. Leverage the power of the network. Clearwater-Trust actively monitors network decentralization and distribution to make sure your funds are on the best chain.

Support permissionless, censorship-resistant, private networks.



Banking for the future.

Blockchain portfolio management. Bitcoin monero exchange. Custodial wallet service.

Investment strategies

No ICOs or scam coins. Earn real returns on working protocols. First-in first-out (FIFO) order book system for maximum market efficiency.

Optimized returns

Easily exchange Bitcoin and Monero. Simple maker/taker fees, no hidden penalties. Modern day strategies for real value on the blockchain.  

Sound money

Inflation resistant, fungible commodity trading of the future.

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