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I want to use escrow when I trade. I want to use a private network with multi-signature accounts and neutral arbitrators incentivized by a decentralized autonomous organization. What am I talking about? Why does this matter? Let’s break it down.

The worst part about crypto is having to move in and out of fiat dollars, euro, pesos, pound sterling, bolivars, lira, the deutsche mark. I call it wheelbarrow money. What’s the best way to trade fiat/crypto pairs? Do I have to send my money off-shore? Do I have to trust a monolithic behemoth that will connect to my legacy bank? What happens to my information? Hello, is there anybody there? Are they using deterministic wallet explorers to watch my transactions?

The best way to trade is with your neighbors. Find a community with top-notch open source protocols and a private network that provides incentives for people to do the right thing. Find your DAO.

The Bisq decentralized exchange allows you to trade directly with your neighbors through a private network (TOR).

BISQ is a DAO that incentivises fair-play by rewarding contributors through the bitcoin network using colored coins.

More info on the BISQ DAO here.

What is a DAO? (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) – In the past we had caucuses, quorums, congresses, congregations and corporations. Now, we have DAOs. The DAO is a new way for like-minded individuals to make decisions and move forward with consensus.

The DAO is the beginning of a revolution. Removing the physical and forced barriers of consensus, aligning people and machines to work together for a common goal, the DAO will pave the way forward for governments and commerce all around the world and the galaxy!

Join BISQ. Join a DAO. The future is NOW!

Bisq revolution

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