FINTECH and the Regurgitated Credit Card

FINTECH and The Wall Street SCAM

FINTECH and the Regurgitated Credit Card

Wall Street rubes and super unicorns are trying to repackage the credit card and call it FINTECH. Be advised: lipstick on a pig is quaint and fun but it’s nothing you want to tell your mother about. Third party payment services are funny haha. The credit card looks like a 50 year old clown to me. Relying on legacy banks and governments to account and allow for your transactions is a load of shit.

Decentralized payment services and self-sovereign finance is the only “FINTECH” that matters.

Stripe is a credit card feature.
Square is the shape of a credit card.
Venmo is a dystopian credit card mess.
Paypal will steal your money.
Nerdwallet is an embarrassing index of ripoff banks.

Re-purposing the credit card and calling it FINTECH is a Wall Street ruse. There is nothing superior, innovative and/or useful to payment services that use the same draconian gateways and government sponsored clearinghouses. The future of financial technology is on-boarding the billions of unbanked and removing third party services that reject, remove, correlate, steal, sell and resell your account. The future is the blockchain.

Keep your keys. Own the future. FINTECH is on the blockchain.

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