How To Escape Death Economies

Economies of Death

How To Escape Death Economies

Paying for your own extinction is suicide. Neoliberal Capitalism and the unaccountable money maze of Corporate Debt, Federal Reserve Policy, and Political Pageantry is funding the destruction of the planet.

The valuation of stocks, bonds, and all financial instruments that use the money supply of dying empire does not correlate to reality. Owning a fraction of a share of Wall Street nonsense indicates peak market insanity.

Attempting to correct the system by subsidizing anonymous corporations is a death spiral to hell.

The tried and true system of making war on anonymous people around the planet is ending.

Currency wars are a lie.

The call to arms by the corporate elite is a lie.

The call to arms by your government is a lie.

The failure of neoliberal finance is NOT your problem.

There is no escaping reality.

Feel better about yourself and your money.



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