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Mr. Fish

Government Outlaws Encrypted Communications – Backdoor Men in Uniforms

It’s important to understand that legislative attempts to outlaw person to person communications (by requiring private keys) is an attempt to outlaw the decentralized networks that will undermine everything the Corporate State has been working to create in the last one hundred years: Wage Inequality Working Poor Perpetual War (Corporate Weapon System Circlejerk) Neo Feudalism …

Satanic Money Cult

US Economics 101 @ Greta Thunberg

750 billion a year on Pentagon Entitlement Schmucks, Inject Trillions of Fake Federal Reserve Dollars Into Wall Street to Continue Death Spiral to Hell re: Greta Thunberg You now have 8 credit hours towards a degree in bullshit.  

Exchange Bitcoin and Monero

How To Exchange Bitcoin For Monero

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Corporate Elite Army

Pork Barrel Pentagon Schmucks and Military Entitlement Queens. The Corporate Coup D’état and Representative Democracy

If voting really made a difference it would certainly be outlawed. The two party decision is a careful illusion devised by the capital elite to inspire your fear and hatred. There is NO viable option within the American experiment to defund Death Economies and the anonymous corporations that insist on destroying the planet. Only revolution …

unaccountable accounting

The Reason Corporate Governments Reject Decentralized Blockchains. Provable Accounting and Control.

Do you know math? Not the kind The Corporate State uses for bank bailouts and war. In the current system, two plus two equals four only if it benefits Wall Street. International finance and Wall Street accounting is complete fiction. I’m talking about real, provable, accounting shared by everyone. It cannot be edited, undone, or …

US Dollar is Sin

The Wages of Sin are Paid in USD

The United States Dollar will hold you hostage, bankrupt you for your child’s medicine, and imprison the poor for profit. “The destruction of the planet is necessary for free markets to function.” Who is going to employ the idiots? Who is going to make officers out of these ignorant men? Who is going to train …

Greta Thunberg Bitcoin and Monero

Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, and Real Accountability. The Year Is 2020 AD

Environmental Justice is the new Manifest Destiny. The Future is now: Creating real accountability through technology that is shared by everyone– shared accountability. Actually finding something useful to do with global networks– like shared accountability. Understanding the effects of distributed, decentralized and encrypted blockchains– shared accountability. Leveraging a global network of individuals that can access …

Economies of Death

How To Escape Death Economies

Paying for your own extinction is suicide. Neoliberal Capitalism and the unaccountable money maze of Corporate Debt, Federal Reserve Policy, and Political Pageantry is funding the destruction of the planet. The valuation of stocks, bonds, and all financial instruments that use the money supply of dying empire does not correlate to reality. Owning a fraction …

Corporate Takeover

The DOD is a Jobs Program for Morons

All Pork Barrel Pentagon Schmucks and Military Entitlement Queens deserve rational employment. Creating conflict for profit is NOT sustainable. Allowing the government to create unaccountable money leads to Never Ending War, The Corporate State, and Surveillance Capitalism. Our Nation’s Treasury has been stolen. How do you know the Corporate State has infiltrated the Government? Because …

Jamie Dimon Neo Liberal Finance

Repo Rates Go Wild. US Banks and Federal Reserve Collude For Deregulation

Mr. Jamie Dimon at Chase Bank wants you to know that US Banks are overregulated. He and other corporate leaders refuse to provide their alleged liquidity in the overnight repo market unless they are freed from regulatory oversight. Mr. Dimon thinks the banks are overregulated. Yes, that’s fine Mr. Dimon. You’re right. You regulate the …