Something is Very Wrong at The New York Fed

Something is very wrong at the New York Fed

Something is Very Wrong at The New York Fed

Billions and billions of emergency repo dollars are being pumped into the largest American banks attempting to assuage demand for CASH.

It appears something is sucking CASH from the American Banking System. Oh dear! What could it be?

Good luck everybody!

The system is failing. Real accountability cannot be denied. Get on-board now!

New York Fed in emergency override, attempting to control the lending rate through an influx of CASH on the repo market.


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  1. clementine says:

    How will this infect the crypto markets? Specifically, Monero and Bitcoin.

    • TheDirector says:

      Bitcoin and Monero will see the initial benefits. The secret is out on real accountability. The identifiers are clear. Monetary policy like the one listed in this post will begin a massive offloading of national currencies into all kinds of safe havens.

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