The BSQ Token – Investments In Decentralization – Bisq.Network

Bisq Network Global Volume Growing

The BSQ Token – Investments In Decentralization – Bisq.Network

Invest in systems that allow for decentralized, censorship-free, permission-less trading.

Bisq is the first and only TRUE P2P decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the galaxy. In April of 2019 they launched the Bisq DAO, an organization that creates consensus and governs the direction of the platform through voting shares (BSQ) that live on the immutable bitcoin blockchain.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the future.

How about a system of trust that doesn’t require a third-party? How about a censorship-free, KYC intolerant trade protocol? How about investing in the future of money, trade, transaction, governance and accountability. How about investing is Bisq.

That’s right. You can buy and hold the BSQ token that allows for weighted voting rights in the DAO.

Invest in the future of decentralization. The first and only decentralized crypto exchange. How to buy and hold the BSQ token?

Ask me how.


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