Your Identity is Worthless and a Terrible Liability.

The Banking Secrecy Act is a failure

Your Identity is Worthless and a Terrible Liability.

Identity Theft and Government KYC Requirements for Data Harvesting

The government is inadvertently making your ID meaningless. So what if my government ID, banking records, tax records, credit scores, and penis pictures are out there. Everybody has access to it. It means nothing. Your government ID is impotent.

That’s not my bank account, bad loan, hedge fund, penis, terrible illegal activity. I WAS HACKED. Somebody stole my “identity”!

The US banking secrecy act is in fact a requirement for you to disclose your identity to hackers, thieves, extortionists, devil monsters, and gangsters in the government that believe collecting this kind of data is paramount in fighting terrorism.

Do you think KYC requirements are making us safe? Do you think uploading your government ID is worth a shit?

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