Your Trading Account Is Suspended

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Your Trading Account Is Suspended

I don’t blame the compliance people. They are dutifully performing the ritual given to them by legislators and regulators. Apex predators that force us into DOD acquisition scams, fake wars, fake national emergencies and perpetual conflict.

Of course, the best way to kill a beast is to suck the air out of their cavernous dungeon, revealing the sham of fractional reserve banking, unaccountable “defense” budgets, and national debts that cannot be measured with all of the petaflops in the universe– because their money isn’t real.

You can afford to operate unending wars and DOD weapon programs when your credit card is stamped by empty monetary policy and fake money.

What if Legislators, DOD contractors, Pentagon patriots, and Senators were made to account? Eternal development of vaporware weapon systems and worldwide conflict are profitable because your government writes the rules. The rule is: War spending has no limit or budget because it’s profitable.

That is insane. You are insane if you believe military entitlement queens won’t chop all of our heads off for money.

Bitcoin- Not Bombs.

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