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    Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery Co., the governing unit of China’s food and packaging machinery industry. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of food packaging machinery. With strong design and production capacity, its leading product “Baihualin” brand QRB series liquid flexible packaging machine is recognized as a famous brand product in the Chinese market.

    Our company’s automatic liquid, granule, automatic cup box series filling and sealing machine, dry sauce packaging machine and other products are not only sold well in the country, but also exported to Russia, Ethiopia, Niger and other countries, and are highly praised by users at home and abroad. . Our company has developed a fully automatic liquid packaging machine with domestic leading level, which is widely used in the clean packaging of various fresh milk, condiments and fresh juices. We will serve you with complete market network, excellent after-sales service, leading high-tech technology and reliable quality assurance.

    Baihualin’s Mission

    A sustainable top AA company, becoming an industry leader, creating the innovative products for the benefit of global customers!
    Baihualin’s Aim
    Success with customers: Provide high quality, complete products and services to meet customer requirements.
    Develop together with employees: Employees are our wealth, providing employees with a good working environment and development opportunities.
    Progress together with society: assist in the establishment of a sound market system, promote economic development, and fulfill social responsibilities.
    Share profits with shareholders: Maximize shareholder equity, emphasize shareholder value, and create sustainable business.