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    Our History
    Chuxin Flange Fitting Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yongxing Jinggong Pipe Fitting Factory, founded in 1994, forges ahead after 20 years鈥?vigorous efforts in overcoming difficulties.
    From a bamboo scaffold workshop at the stage of establishment, developed into an enterprise group operating several wholly-owned, proprietary, share-holding companies, makes the leaps one after another, composes the brilliant chapter in flanges and pipe fitting manufacturing field.
    In 1994
    In June 1994, Yongxing Jinggong Pipe Fitting Factory founded,
    At the establishment, poorly equipped and shorted in skills, after a chequered career,
    A foundation for continuing development of the enterprise was laid.
    Start-up stage
    In 2000
    In June 2000, Zhejiang Chuxin Pipe Co., Ltd. founded,
    Greatly expanded the investment and imported large amount of advanced equipments,
    Absorbed advantaged personnel to make technical innovation and transformational development.
    Transition stage
    In 2006
    Taking capital as bond, oriented by the market, led by the products and centered by the brand, Chuxin integrated the resources and exerted the advantages to take a scale economy road and enable the enterprise to be rapid developed. After continuous industrial combination and expansion, the transition and upgrading of the enterprise was promoted.
    In June 2007, Wuxi Chuxin Machinery Co., Ltd. founded;
    In October 2010, Jiangsu Chuxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. founded
    The development stage
    In 2011
    According to the strategic thoughts of Strengthening Main Business, Appropriately Diversifying and Integrating The Industry & Finance, Chuxin develops the enterprise as per the requirements of modern enterprise, and marches toward enterprise group. Up to now, Chuxin provides the products such as flanges, pipe fittings, pressure vessel, forgings; optimizes the essential productive factors of several enterprises by means of wholly-owned, proprietary, merger & acquisition, joint production and joint venture, to form multi-type, multi-layer and multifunctional economic cooperation organizations.
    Innovation & expansion stageIn 2019
    In October 2013, Chuxin Flange Fitting Co.,Ltd. founded
    In 2015, merged Aoxing Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.
    In 2016, Wenzhou Jingchuan Flanges Co., Ltd. founded
    In 2017, Wenzhou Jiete Forging Co., Ltd. founded
    In 2018, Wenzhou Zhongfa Pipe Valve Technology Co., Ltd. founded
    Dear Friends:
    I sincerely thank you for your concern on Chuxin Flanges, thank for your concern, support and favor!
    25 years from the date of establishment, of trials and hardships, a striving road watered with the effort and sweat; 25 years hard work despite wind and rain, composing a chapter of achievement and dream; 25 years of forging ahead, breaks a new leap from cocoon to butterfly; the development history of yesterday witnessed our ambition, the innovation breakthrough of today will create indomitableness; we will march forward from the way beginning, fulfill new mission in new stage, we will abide by the development ideas of Keeping a Foothold and Keeping The Faith, enhances continuously ourselves and continue to compose a new chapter of Creating Premium Flanges and Establishing A New Moment of Chuxin, and create a new brilliance of Chuxin flanges.
    WE believe that Due to your concern and support, Chuxin Flanges will march forward with a more stable steps!
    We sincerely expect to cooperate with you for a common development and brilliance!
    Chairman: Zhang Jichu
    Our Factory
    Chuxin, the intelligent manufacturing of flanges under severe service conditions! Located in the seashore of Donghai 鈥?Longwan, Wenzhou
    The company is a non-regional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, production, sales and after sales service of flanges and pipe fitting, subordinates a forging factory and processing center, reaches a annual yield of RMB200 million, it owns the processing equipments and advanced testing devices such as CNC machine tools, bench spectrograph, portable spectrometer, universal tester, impact tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, metallographic tester, Rockwell hardness meter, low-temperature subzero treatment trough, the products sell well nationwide and far to overseas nations and regions.
    Our Product
    The company specializes in the production and R&D of stainless steel flanges, provides flanges made from high-temperature-resistant alloy steel and low-temperature alloy steel, where the high-temperature-resistant materials products can be long-term operated under high temperature above 600掳C and under certain stress action, the low-temperature materials products can be used under extreme work conditions below -196掳C; Typical products involve Model PL (plate-type flat welding flange), SO (slip-on flange), WN(welding neck flange), IF(integral flange), SW(socket welding flange), BL (blind flange), the products are widely applied in the fields such as aerospace, petroleum, chemicals and ships & warships, and are produced and inspected strictly in accordance with GB, AISI, ASTM, API, JIS, BS so as to control and safeguard the quality of products.
    Production Market
    The company obtained special equipment(pressure pipeline) manufacturing license Class B in 2015, and upgraded the grade up to the maximum pressure 鈮?/span>42MPa, DN鈮?/span>2000mm in May 2019, and successively obtained ISO9001-2008 quality control system and CE (2014/68/EU) certification and API certification, and awarded as high-tech enterprise in 2019, owns two invention patents, over 10 utility model patents, it is executive vice-chairman unit of Wenzhou Pipe Fitting Industry Association, and Longwan Valve Industry Association and the excellent cooperative enterprise of Valve Marketing Alliance.
    Our Service
    Chuxin Flanges, buoys your pressure equipments!
    Chuxin abides by the rejuvenating strategy of Keeping A Foothold and Keeping the Faith, persists in the brand ideas of Creating Premium Flanges and Establishing A New Moment of Chuxin, constructs meticulously every product with persistence and faith, and provides customers with superior products and satisfactory service.
    Headquarters: #267 Dushan Road, Yongzhong Subdistrict, Longwan District, Wenzhou City
    Production site: #17B Gangfu Road, Airport New Area, Longwan District, Wenzhou City
    The qualification and honors acquired is the recognition of previous achievements, and also the inspiration and encourage of the coming brilliance!
    Marching forward new stage is our struggling and unremitting belief!
    In order to expand the production scale and realize the concentration & efficiency of production, it optimizes and combines the essential productive factors of several enterprises by means of wholly-owned, proprietary, merger & acquisition, joint production and joint venture, to form multi-type, multi-layer and multifunctional economic cooperation organizations with the core of Chuxin flanges and based upon property right bonding, so as to realize specialized production, scale operation, the joint venture firms involve
    Wenzhou Jingchuang Flange Co., Ltd.
    Wenzhou Jiete Forging Co., Ltd.
    Wenzhou Zhongfa Pipe Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Chuxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
    Wuxi Chuxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
    The master key of Chuxin鈥檚 industrial success: Chuxin staffer have occupational morals, i.e., 鈥渢he persistence in the brand and credit鈥?/p>
    The active & spontaneous undertaking of Chuxin staffer: the staffer do not excessively bureaucratic and hesitation, pursues to high efficiency and high-effectiveness working.
    Grasping the market trend and keeping pace with the time to make continuous innovation, Chuxin maintains its vigor in new era and takes the chance of the Belt & Road, establishes a close cooperation and communication with vast clients home and abroad by supported by the technological innovation and the core of the product quality so as to lay a solid foundation of the enterprise development.
    Strict inspection safeguards zero failure of the products
    The company pursues of the precision and refinement of manufacturing, improves continuously its lean manufacturing mode, covering every component, constructs meticulously as per standards to ensure its premium quality.
    In order to offer premium-quality products, Chuxin provides advanced inspection devices and complete inspection measures, builds a strict QC team to realize the quality control during the whole process from raw materials inspection, process detection to finished products and application.
    The company always persists in flexible and diversified marketing schedule, actively carries out customer-centered marketing operation, and implements regional sales strategy. It guarantees the high efficiency and normal operation during the period from manufacturing to sales with mature quality and strict QC system, furthermore, the professional technical team and post-production service are available for higher requirements of clients home and abroad.
    Keeping a Stable Development Path, Building a Century Enterprise
    Let us work together with one mind and display the style of Chinese enterprise
    Witness the self value and commonly create the spiritual and civilized enterprise
    #267 Dushan Road, Longwan High-tech Park, Wenzhou City 325025, Zhejiang Province
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