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    HX 630 type Ball Mill Balls Casting Line
    Steel grinding ball is the grinding media of ore, the upstream industry chain is rich in resources, all kinds of mining and metallurgical building materials industries need steel ball production, the market prospects are broad, it is a high-quality project for investment transformation and entrepreneurship. In particular, countries with mineral resources are building more areas, and the market demand is huge. Many countries in the world need to obtain imports by means of import. They can not purchase nearby to save economic and time costs. This kind of gap can obtain a large investment market. All balls manufacturing equipment will be provided in one-stop, to help solve all the difficulties encountered in the selection of equipment
    Automatic high chrome grinding media casting line is welcomed to produce casting chrome balls from dia30mm to dia150mm. The whole production line is high automation with the yearly production range from 5 000tons to 10 000 tons.
    HX 630 type of the ball mill grinding media casting line adopts 630*630mm metal mold to produce balls. It adopts sand coated in the cavity of the metal mold technology to ensure the balls quality. Chilling process is inherits from the hand made metal molds with high automation and efficiency.
    This casting steel balls casting line has the ability of remote maintenance & diagnose remote failure functions. Operators can monitor the whole production process by touching screen. If there is any problem,cast grinding media ball molding line can automatically alarm. All control box has emergency stop button.Mainly need four workers for operating.One for molding,one for pouring,one for cleaning molten iron slag on the mold after pouring ,one for checking if it is clean or not for used sand in the mold.,not including auxiliary workers.
    Main technical parameters
    HX-630mm type
    Annual productivity5,000-10,000 tons
    Mold size630mm*630mm
    Qty of molds on line78pairs
    Produced balls size30-150mm
    Control modeAutomatic PLC+intelligent remote service
    Occupied Space37*7m
    Loading capacityAbout 100 kw
    Air compressorGas consumption is 5m鲁/min
    Working pressure is 0.8Mpa
    The main components of the mill balls making machine:
    鈼?Molds opening unit
    鈼?Molds closing unit
    鈼?Turnover unit (single/double working position)
    鈼?Vibrating sand falling unit
    鈼?Sand blowing unit(double/four working position)
    鈼?Pushing grinding media mold machine
    鈼?Delivery roll
    鈼?Pouring machine

    This whole working process of the grinding ball casting line:
    Sand blowing unit to blow the coated sand into the cavities of the metal mold 鈫?after sand coated, goes to molds closing unit, close the top and bottom molds 鈫?pouring machine pour the liquid iron into the closed molds 鈫?after a certain time, goes to molds opening unit, move the top mold 鈫?the bottom mold goes to turnover unit to let the formed grinding balls out. 鈫?Both the top and bottom molds go to the vibrating unit to clean the residual sand 鈫?Finally, come back to the sand blowing unit and goes into the next cycle.
    Working video for HX 630 type milling media casting line
    Hexin Advantages:
    Skilled Experience: Hexin has been engaged in grinding media industry for more than 20years with specialized technology in production, installation, and commissioning. We have served more than 300 factories, supplying the whole set machine to Chinese largest casting grinding media manufacturer – Fengxing; and Japanese grinding balls manufacturer- TOYO Grinding Ball Co., Ltd.
    One-stop Service: Start from factory layout, machine civil works, installation and production, and even lab testing, Hexin can give u the professional suggestion, help you shorten the project time.
    Overseas Service: We have cooperated company in South Africa and Zimbabwe to help solve some emergency problems. And Hexin will also send their technicians to client鈥檚 on -site to help commissioning and maintenance.
    Fast Feedback: All the puzzles will be solved by Hexin鈥檚 team via emails/phone or remote controlling at a short time pre-sales and after-sales.
    Technical Support: Chrome alloyed grinding media technology can be supplied if needed.
    Delivery and Manufacturing:
    1. The producing time for the whole set machine is about 4-6 months. This depends on needed produced grinding media size. We suggest to dispatch in batches.
    2. The container needs about 8pcs + 40鈥橭T and 20鈥橭T.Depends on how many types of the metal mold you need.
    3. Package: For the main part of the casting line, we use bubble plastic paper to protect. The other parts, like metal mold, are bare.
    4. If have special requirements, please indicate advance.Casting Grinding Ball Molding Line