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    4.5m c-band Earth station antenna
    Antenna type: Ring focus
    The 4.5m c-band earth station antenna is designed by Xi`an space star Technology (Group) Corporation which could be install conveniently .
    The reflector can be interchanged freely, and having high precision re-installation. Lucubrating factors of XPD, we take effective measures to lower the antenna cross polarization level.
    Since the installation precision of the subreflector has a strong effect on the electronic performance of the antenna, we have developed subreflector templet and will provide them to the users.
    The installation of the subrefector is simple to master, and thus to avoid decreasing the antenna’s performance. We designed for all types of our antennas fine-adjusting facilities and the Az/El locking device.
    All steel components of antennas such as kingpost are made by hot-dipped zinc technology to prevent zinc from volatilization.
    Space star is awholly-owned subsidiary of CAST Xi’an,we studied and developed antenna by ourselves,we are suppliers and manufactures,we can offer you the most cost-effective antennas.
    We can offer you the certificates if you want.
    The 4.5m ku-band aluminium satellite dish is also for sale.
    Xi’an Space Star Technology (Group) Corporation is one of the most famous 4.5m earth station antenna manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to import carbon fiber and hi-tech 4.5m earth station antenna for sale from us.
    Space star also sell Antenna feed(including cassegrain feed),offset reflector and antenna mount etc. separately.
    If you are interested in our products ,please do not hesitate to contact us.( Earth Station Antenna suppliers