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    1. Product introduction
    Compact structure, high automation
    Speed-adjustable feeding system, stable output, and quick packaging rate
    With automatic weighing system, accurate calculation and small errors.
    Belt conveyor is equipped with weighing and display device, able to verify the weight
    Series: BZC—160*1400
    2. Product parameter
    Adopt double input speed, fitting for electronic scale, to make scaling exact.
    Feed-in hopper and conveyor flights are made of Stainless Steel. Inner shaft is Mild seamless pipe; Stand is made of M.S.
    Belt conveyor with weighing device & display, so as to recheck the weight of each bag to ensure the accurancy
    Air Compressor, Supply the air source of packing system.
    3. WHY US
    4. FAQCustomized Screening Grinding Cooling Packing System