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    Product Introduction
    H59 brass is the cheapest brass. It has high strength, hardness and good plasticity. But it can still work well under pressure in hot state.
    Chemical composition
    Mechanical properties
    Tensile Strength
    σb (MPa)Elongation
    δ10 (%)
    Heat treatment
    hot working temperature℃730-820
    Product Application
    H59 brass has a wide range of USES, such as water tank belts, water supply and drainage pipes, MEDALS, corrugated pipes, serpentine pipes, condensing pipes, shell casings and various complex shapes of washing products, hardware pieces. With the increase of zinc content from H63 to H59, they can well withstand the thermal processing, and are mostly used in various parts, stamping parts and Musical Instruments of machinery and electrical equipment.
    The last but not least
    H59 brass can be supplied as plate, bar,tube/pipe.China Brass manufacturers