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Pandemic Market Correction

A Sick Excuse for a Market Correction. Reconnecting Reality to Wall Street. The Illusion of Supply/Demand Economics. Enter The Pandemic.

There is nothing like a Pandemic to reconnect the illusion of reality to Wall Street returns. When your market goes up, and up, and up, and doesn’t respond to supply side economics (because the government injects trillions of dollars into the supply), when your market is no longer based in reality, your market is exposed …

Satanic Money Cult

US Economics 101 @ Greta Thunberg

750 billion a year on Pentagon Entitlement Schmucks, Inject Trillions of Fake Federal Reserve Dollars Into Wall Street to Continue Death Spiral to Hell re: Greta Thunberg You now have 8 credit hours towards a degree in bullshit.  

Corporate Takeover

The DOD is a Jobs Program for Morons

All Pork Barrel Pentagon Schmucks and Military Entitlement Queens deserve rational employment. Creating conflict for profit is NOT sustainable. Allowing the government to create unaccountable money leads to Never Ending War, The Corporate State, and Surveillance Capitalism. Our Nation’s Treasury has been stolen. How do you know the Corporate State has infiltrated the Government? Because …

Jamie Dimon Neo Liberal Finance

Repo Rates Go Wild. US Banks and Federal Reserve Collude For Deregulation

Mr. Jamie Dimon at Chase Bank wants you to know that US Banks are overregulated. He and other corporate leaders refuse to provide their alleged liquidity in the overnight repo market unless they are freed from regulatory oversight. Mr. Dimon thinks the banks are overregulated. Yes, that’s fine Mr. Dimon. You’re right. You regulate the …

The federal reserve is losing it

It’s Not a Bailout. It’s a Technical Correction. US Federal Reserve Explains Away Trillions of Dollars

It hasn’t happened since the market crash of 2008. In those days it was called a bailout. Meaning the Fed was bailing out the banks because they were all underwater. After dismantling Glass-Steagall, American banks are totally free to screw you and me, borrowing at zero percent, holding a fraction in reserve and embezzling the …

Something is very wrong at the New York Fed

Something is Very Wrong at The New York Fed

Billions and billions of emergency repo dollars are being pumped into the largest American banks attempting to assuage demand for CASH. It appears something is sucking CASH from the American Banking System. Oh dear! What could it be? https://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/opolicy/operating_policy_191023 Good luck everybody! The system is failing. Real accountability cannot be denied. Get on-board now! https://clearwater-trust.com …