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Fungible Blockchain Money

What is Fungible Money? Why is it important and what does it look like on the Bitcoin and Monero blockchain?

Fungible money means that one denomination of currency is always equal to itself regardless of who/what/where the money has been. For example, if the twenty dollar bill you have in your wallet was used for a cocaine purchase it is still worth twenty dollars even though it was used for nefarious purposes. That is why …

Satanic Money Cult


This is helicopter money made ready at the press of a button. DON’T BE FOOLED. Ask me what digital scarcity is. Read the bill yourself → Read about fungible money Know what these people have in store for you and your family; slavery, death, and destruction.

Fungible Blockchain Money

New World Order Digital Currency vs Bitcoin vs Monero – Know What is About To Happen

When the New World Order begins to distribute their digital currency you should be aware- Not all blockchains are created equal. In fact, they can easily be used to track, trace, index, correlate, reverse, remove and rescind ALL OF YOUR TRANSACTIONS. READ MORE ABOUT FUNGIBLE MONEY and why the New World Order wants to do …

Is bitcoin fungible?

Fungibility is Fun

Your bitcoin was used to purchase marijuana on Silk Road, sent to Mt. Gox, stolen in a $500 million dollar heist, funneled through Localbitcoins, and now you ‘own’ it. The history of your transactions on the bitcoin blockchain is perfectly and eternally preserved for everybody to review. Deterministic wallet explorers, SPV bloom filters, chain analysis– …