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Blockchain Fiduciary

System Failure


MOVE AWAY FROM THE SINKING SHIP Prepare for the greatest financial collapse the world has ever seen. Real Accountability. 

Kneeling Pigs

Zero Accountability

The rulers of your society have ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s time to cut bait. Remove yourself from their system of lies. Zero Accountability The Federal Reserve Zero Accountability Corporate Stimulus Zero Accountability Pentagon Zero Accountability Law Enforcement Real Accountability starts on immutable, private, decentralized, distributed, blockchains. The New Earth.

Satan is a corporation

Save Yourself and Your Family from Economies of Death

The corporate fraud of neoliberal finance and central banking is revealed. The American Federal Reserve money system is over. The violent network of corporate profit-taking is ending. Real accountability through decentralized, distributed, private blockchains will be your refuge. The American Corporate State is capable of horrible violence against foreign and domestic adversaries. It will kill …

Satanic Money Cult

Central Bank Digital Currencies and Corporate Blockchains. What To Do With Your Federal Reserve Tokens.

Only decentralized, distributed, private blockchains have monetary value. The Corporate State will not allow their digital currencies to be decentralized and/or distributed. More info on distributed, decentralized blockchains here. The underlying codebase will not be subject to opensource protocol. The total number of digital tokens is subject to their whims. They will grow the supply …

Corporate Buffoons

How To Not Look Like A Buffoon During The Uprising

Trump just gave trillions of dollars to the same corporate powers that are forcing you to shelter in place. What the fuck are u doing? He bailed out the enemy just like Obama. You are waving a corporate sponsored flag. You are a buffoon. I commend you for wielding your power as a citizen. Pinning …

Corporate Pig

How To Prevent Corporate Pigs From Taking Your Money

Unfortunately, The Corporate State cannot be defeated through electoral processes. See the unaccountable money scheme of American democracy, the electoral college (an obvious throwback to slave holding malcontents), gerrymandering, vote suppression, and a cornucopia of other political bloodletting and demon sacrificing. Most recently, we can see the parasitic blood sucking of the terrible corporate beast …

Satanic Corporate Forces

Garbage Global Networks and The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme

We all know that corporate oligarchs want to remain the centralized glory-hole through which we all stick our peckers hoping for a happy ending. All Hope is now lost for this system. It leads to commercial takeover of our most precious institutions, it leads to perpetual war for profit, it leads to massive government sponsored …

Social Distancing

Social Distancing. Removing Yourself From Infected Groups

You think it’s a good idea to distance yourself from groups of infected people. You think it’s a good idea to remove yourself from groups of corporate zombies. You think it’s a good idea to eat nutrient dense foods and stay healthy. You think it’s a good idea to find a better way to live. …

Ridiculous Corporate Nonsense

Calling The Bottom, Investment Strategies From Hell

You’ll recognize the bottom of this current market downturn when you see indicators flashing HELL, HELL, HELL. The market has now reached the depths of hell and will show signs of hegemonic death knells and capital pig out-gassing. Good luck, losers.

Pandemic Market Correction

A Sick Excuse for a Market Correction. Reconnecting Reality to Wall Street. The Illusion of Supply/Demand Economics. Enter The Pandemic.

There is nothing like a Pandemic to reconnect the illusion of reality to Wall Street returns. When your market goes up, and up, and up, and doesn’t respond to supply side economics (because the government injects trillions of dollars into the supply), when your market is no longer based in reality, your market is exposed …