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FINTECH and The Wall Street SCAM

FINTECH and the Regurgitated Credit Card

Wall Street rubes and super unicorns are trying to repackage the credit card and call it FINTECH. Be advised: lipstick on a pig is quaint and fun but it’s nothing you want to tell your mother about. Third party payment services are funny haha. The credit card looks like a 50 year old clown to …

Financial Gatekeepers

Financial Gatekeepers

Erecting financial barriers in the name of regulation is last-century garbage. The tools used to control and organize people’s value will slowly give way to the free exchange of goods and services without state sponsored clearinghouses and manufactured scarcities. Fake money bankrolled by violence is yesterday’s bureaucracy. You cannot protect me from myself. I don’t …

The true story of centralized exchanges.

Your Trading Account Is Suspended

I don’t blame the compliance people. They are dutifully performing the ritual given to them by legislators and regulators. Apex predators that force us into DOD acquisition scams, fake wars, fake national emergencies and perpetual conflict. Of course, the best way to kill a beast is to suck the air out of their cavernous dungeon, …

Can Blockchain Integrate With The Real World?

Can Blockchain Integrate With The Real World?

Code is a mathematical concept not a physical reality. If you attempt to attach real world things to a blockchain, the utility is contaminated and rendered obsolete. Therefore, it is without any input from reality that gives blockchain value.Money isn’t real. Math is an abstraction. Blockchain can function as a transactional proof because people agree …

How To Send Money Around The World

How To Send Money Around The World

I want to do business with a friend in Spain, a customer in Sweden, a person in Guatemala, a relative in California, a client in Caledonia, a supplier in China. Imagine trying to accept and send payments to all of these individuals. How long does it take to get paid using legacy payment networks? How …

stable coins are a lie

Stable coins are fable coins. Peggy doesn’t want pegged coins. Heather doesn’t want Tether.

The blockchain accounts for all transactions on the network without input from fallible humans. Introduce stablecoins. Supposedly, there is a Great OZ operating a bank account that contains equal amounts of fiat dollars/oil/(insert commodity here). It doesn’t take a genius to see the failure in this system. How much is your blockchain worth? Bitcoin/Monero is …

Is bitcoin fungible?

Fungibility is Fun

Your bitcoin was used to purchase marijuana on Silk Road, sent to Mt. Gox, stolen in a $500 million dollar heist, funneled through Localbitcoins, and now you ‘own’ it. The history of your transactions on the bitcoin blockchain is perfectly and eternally preserved for everybody to review. Deterministic wallet explorers, SPV bloom filters, chain analysis– …

Bisq DAO


I want to use escrow when I trade. I want to use a private network with multi-signature accounts and neutral arbitrators incentivized by a decentralized autonomous organization. What am I talking about? Why does this matter? Let’s break it down. The worst part about crypto is having to move in and out of fiat dollars, …

clearwater-trust blockchain selection

What to expect from your blockchain

A blockchain selected to account for value needs to be decentralized, distributed, open source and PRIVATE. Don’t let anybody talk you out of these requirements. DECENTRALIZED: everyone agrees that one bank/government controlling your value is STUPID. DISTRIBUTED: people choose the network. The network doesn’t choose the people. The network cannot be stopped. Run a node. …