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The Trade War is a Lie

Going To War Over The Trade Deficit is Dumb

America imports more stuff than it exports. America doesn’t manufacture much of anything (except weapon systems). You are a sightless, reprogrammed, Manchurian Candidate if you think THE UNACCOUNTABLE US DOLLAR is worth fighting for. Let fake money die. I Love America because I can invest in the future and not get bogged down in repaying …

Military Socialism and The Failure of Capitalism

The Failure of Capitalism and Military Socialism. Fake Money and Currency Wars.

If Capitalism and Military Socialism cannot compete without trade wars, tariffs, taxes, real wars, quantitative easing, total market/price controls and unaccountable money… then it’s time to admit defeat. The US Dollar is Worthless. All trigger happy Americans that believe currency manipulation by the Chinese government is the reason you spend most of your working hours …

Negative Interest Rates on Borrowed Money

Your Money is Worthless. What Negative Interest Rates Really Mean.

If money does not equal time, then your money is worthless. If time is money, then money is time. If time is not valuable then your money is worthless. It may be a surprise to you. Your money is living on BORROWED TIME. Don’t be holding the wet-sock when time runs out. Future time runs …

The Banking Secrecy Act is a failure

Your Identity is Worthless and a Terrible Liability.

Identity Theft and Government KYC Requirements for Data Harvesting The government is inadvertently making your ID meaningless. So what if my government ID, banking records, tax records, credit scores, and penis pictures are out there. Everybody has access to it. It means nothing. Your government ID is impotent. That’s not my bank account, bad loan, …

Pepper.Works crypto game

The Game is Afoot: How Pepper.Works Uses Crypto and Content Creators for the Ultimate Social Media/Crypto Mashup

Game On! Publishing and content creation unite! In the name of sweet gamification, Pepper.Works pays you in crypto for your content. The race is on! Can you make your way to the top of the leader board? Can you collect Pepper.Works Points (PWP) and trade them on the exchange for REAL bitcoin? Good morning, Good …

Decentralize Everything clearwater-trust blockchain investment group

Decentralize Everything

Decentralization is our fight against monolithic economies.  Nation States and corporations that depend on creating conflict, organizations that feed on fear and terror, all systems controlling access to markets must be decentralized. Decentralization is personal agency. Decentralization allows access and permission-less service. Decentralize communication. Decentralize propaganda. Decentralize money. Decentralize war. We don’t believe in utopia. …

bitcoin privacy is nonexistent

Bitcoin Privacy and the Silver Lining of Transparent Blockchains

The transparent bitcoin blockchain is the Orwellian nightmare you can’t wake up from. All of your funds are being analyzed by deterministic wallet explorers and correlated against unwanted transaction hashes. It’s not safe. Here’s the silver lining of transparent blockchains: Bitcoin users will be forced to use 3rd party mixers to sufficiently stir the chain …

Globalcoin by Facebook

ZuckerBucks and the Upcoming GlobalCoin (Libra, Calibra) by Facebook

I’ve been in the blockchain space for a few years and I’d like to share with you my insight on what gives utility and value to a blockchain. At its core, a blockchain is a very slow and costly database. The only thing that brings value to a blockchain is DECENTRALIZATION, DISTRIBUTION, and PRIVACY. If …

Bitcoin to Monero Exchange

Bitcoin to Monero Exchange

Trade your Bitcoin for Monero on Instant trades for XMR Monero. Move your funds to Clearwater-Trust, select an offer from the order book or create your own trade. When your trade is complete, send your Monero from the Clearwater-Trust wallet. Current XMR – BTC exchange rates: Please let me know if you have any …

Bitcoin Monero Zcash Litecoin Exchange

Bitcoin Monero Zcash Litecoin Exchange on

Enjoy immediate swaps for your favorite cryptocurrency. Order book FIFO matching. Volume and price selections. Bid and ask forms in bitcoin. USD exchange rates for sanity checks. Market makers wanted. Please contact us with any questions. – banking for the future.