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Fake Markets in Turmoil

Are you ready for the largest financial collapse in the history of the world? How much longer can they make the people endure their ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY system? Will they succeed in killing millions (billions?) of people to satisfy their RESET? Get ready. Clearwater-Trust.com

The Ripple XRP Corporate Scam Coin

Let’s look at these corporate digital tokens of hell and judge them NOT WORTHY. I evaluated XRP Ripple cryptocurrency for DECENTRALIZATION, DISTRIBUTION, and FUNGIBILITY. When evaluating blockchains you should use the same criteria. DECENTRALIZATION: Ripple XRP is controlled, operated, leveraged, and hedged by RIPPLE LABS LLC. DO NOT TRUST THESE CORPORATE GOON HOUNDS. Who are …

ZEC Zcash Goes Proof of Stake

According to this article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/zec-price-jumps-20-in-one-day-as-zcash-devs-unveil-transition-to-proof-of-stake THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ZCASH ANNOUNCEMENT If you read the first sentence of the article, you will find the clue you need to SPOT THE SCAM. Consider reading: The massive upside move comes as a part of a rebound that started Friday after Electric Coin Company discussed the prospects of …

Corporate Buffoons

How To Not Look Like A Buffoon During The Uprising

Trump just gave trillions of dollars to the same corporate powers that are forcing you to shelter in place. What the fuck are u doing? He bailed out the enemy just like Obama. You are waving a corporate sponsored flag. You are a buffoon. I commend you for wielding your power as a citizen. Pinning …