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US Dollar is Sin


How much power does it take to run one of these damned blockchains? That’s a good question. For this exercise, and in light of king makers and Washington DC whores sucking the toes of unaccountable Wall Street demons, let’s consider the following comparison: How much POWER does it take to run any/all blockchains. (in this …

Fungible Blockchain Money

XMR Monero and Bitcoin Atomic Swaps

We all know that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are worse than Corporate Federal Reserve notes created from the burning hellfire of illegitimate wars and illegal assassinations. Helicopter money made ready at the press of a button, centralized networks built from the dead bodies of CIA, NSA, DOD chimera devils that have sought to distort …



There are major ongoing issues at the US Treasury. The following data is provided by fiscal.treasury.gov with data sets compiled by Quandl. The massive amounts of OUTLAYS reported by the US TREASURY cannot be understated. One only needs to compare the TOO BIG TO FAIL CRASH of 2008 to get a side by side comparison …

The Gamestop Garbage Stops Here


Big brokerage firms hold nothing but a bag of garbage accounting. If you believe a bunch of redditor schmucks moved the market in their favor, you are a moron. The game is up. Their house of cards is falling. Exit the system now – https://clearwater-trust.com

Satanic Money Cult


This is helicopter money made ready at the press of a button. DON’T BE FOOLED. Ask me what digital scarcity is. Read the bill yourself → https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/BILLS-116s3571is/html/BILLS-116s3571is.htm Read about fungible money Know what these people have in store for you and your family; slavery, death, and destruction.

Fungible Blockchain Money

New World Order Digital Currency vs Bitcoin vs Monero – Know What is About To Happen

When the New World Order begins to distribute their digital currency you should be aware- Not all blockchains are created equal. In fact, they can easily be used to track, trace, index, correlate, reverse, remove and rescind ALL OF YOUR TRANSACTIONS. READ MORE ABOUT FUNGIBLE MONEY and why the New World Order wants to do …

Satanic Corporate Forces

The Market Has Already Collapsed. WWIII and Fake Capital Markets

Overnight, the U.S. reported the economy contracted at a record-shattering 32.9% annual rate in April-June as pandemic shutdowns expanded. News of the deep, steep collapse came as a resurgence of outbreaks has pushed businesses in many areas to close for a second time. The government’s estimate of the second-quarter fall in the gross domestic product …

Satan is a corporation

Save Yourself and Your Family from Economies of Death

The corporate fraud of neoliberal finance and central banking is revealed. The American Federal Reserve money system is over. The violent network of corporate profit-taking is ending. Real accountability through decentralized, distributed, private blockchains will be your refuge. The American Corporate State is capable of horrible violence against foreign and domestic adversaries. It will kill …

Satanic Money Cult

Central Bank Digital Currencies and Corporate Blockchains. What To Do With Your Federal Reserve Tokens.

Only decentralized, distributed, private blockchains have monetary value. The Corporate State will not allow their digital currencies to be decentralized and/or distributed. More info on distributed, decentralized blockchains here. The underlying codebase will not be subject to opensource protocol. The total number of digital tokens is subject to their whims. They will grow the supply …

Corporate Pig

How To Prevent Corporate Pigs From Taking Your Money

Unfortunately, The Corporate State cannot be defeated through electoral processes. See the unaccountable money scheme of American democracy, the electoral college (an obvious throwback to slave holding malcontents), gerrymandering, vote suppression, and a cornucopia of other political bloodletting and demon sacrificing. Most recently, we can see the parasitic blood sucking of the terrible corporate beast …