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Satanic Money Cult

Central Bank Digital Currencies and Corporate Blockchains. What To Do With Your Federal Reserve Tokens.

Only decentralized, distributed, private blockchains have monetary value. The Corporate State will not allow their digital currencies to be decentralized and/or distributed. More info on distributed, decentralized blockchains here. The underlying codebase will not be subject to opensource protocol. The total number of digital tokens is subject to their whims. They will grow the supply …

Stablecoins are fable coins

The Problem With Stablecoins and Pegged Blockchain Assets.

Zuckerberg wants to peg Libra to USD. Maduro wants to peg Petro to barrels of oil. Central Banks want to peg their token to invisible assets only they can count. What’s the problem with stablecoins? The problem with stablecoins is that you have to trust somebody to account for “Real Assets”. Do you trust Zuckerberg …

stable coins are a lie

Stable coins are fable coins. Peggy doesn’t want pegged coins. Heather doesn’t want Tether.

The blockchain accounts for all transactions on the network without input from fallible humans. Introduce stablecoins. Supposedly, there is a Great OZ operating a bank account that contains equal amounts of fiat dollars/oil/(insert commodity here). It doesn’t take a genius to see the failure in this system. How much is your blockchain worth? Bitcoin/Monero is …