How To Send Money Around The World

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How To Send Money Around The World

How To Send Money Around The World

I want to do business with a friend in Spain, a customer in Sweden, a person in Guatemala, a relative in California, a client in Caledonia, a supplier in China. Imagine trying to accept and send payments to all of these individuals.

How long does it take to get paid using legacy payment networks? How many “verifications” and “test deposits” are required before you can access your money?

It doesn’t need to be this difficult, it doesn’t need to take 30 days, you don’t need to “connect your checking account”, send in your ID, verify your social security number, submit a utility bill, make a copy of your birth certificate, get a stamp of approval from your village bureaucrat, make a pilgrimage to your bank. You don’t need to comply with draconian verification attempts by organizations you don’t want to support or do business with.

The market is yours. It’s your business, you are the captain of the ship. Accepting and sending blockchain assets is our choice, our right, my money.

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